söndag 30 december 2012

A gift!

Here is something I never have done befor. I have used TH swivel clasp and put some stuff on it! And it was alot of fun. Then I have alterd a box using an orange paper and a lot of flowers on it. All of this is a gift to my cusins doughter. She is turning five so I thought  Iwould suprise here with this. I have used here favorit colors which is oragne, green, gray and blue. And she loves glitter!

This is my alterd swivel clasp!

I have used pearls and penguin.

In the two botels I used small pearls and glitter

Here is the box!

Inside the box it will be a handmade memory.
From the side, TH dies.

The inside of the lide, some rhinestones.


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