torsdag 11 december 2014

I am here!

I am still here, and today I thought I would share what I have made. Its Xmas cards and chocolate cards, some telightcards and some other cards.
Telight cards, not really Xmas.
3*3 Xmas card with an envelope.
The envelpoe have the same flover on the flap as the cards front.
My first coloring with my prismapencils.
2 Xmas cards and 1 birthday card
Chocolate cards
Alterd notebooks
Xmas cards
Xmas cards
Chocolate cards
Chocolate cards
Chocolate cards
Chocolate cards
Chocolate cards
Alterd matchboxes and candels
Chocolate cards
 That is all for now. But I will be back, and I will start over with my challenge in january. Then I will make 50 projects untill I buy anything.

onsdag 25 juni 2014

Project 4

I have made a box to store my akrylic blocks. I have used paper from Bildmålarna, An Ocean with Strawberries, two different pappers with the same name.

 Here is my box.
 My akrylic blocs in my box.
 The inside of the lid and the back of the box.
 Here is a close up on my flowers.
And a close up on the other corner with flowers.


tisdag 24 juni 2014

fredag 13 juni 2014

Project 2

I have made a babyalbum. It´s not finished yet and it won´t be untill november this year. But this is what I have made so far.

 Here is the cover on the album.
 Here is a charm I have made. The coupel that is geting this album don´t know if it is a boy or a girl so I have used both pink and blue.

I haven´t glued the cover on to the album yet. But here is the first page.
 Every page has a tag so that the couple can write down things every month.
 The first month!
 The tag for month one.
 I have used PL cards to make this album. The "baby" sign is a pl card I cut down to fit the page.
 Here is a tag, also a pl card I just cut down the sayings on the card and made my own.
 Here are the tags for the second month.
 On the backside I glued down so they can write more if the want to.
 The third month.
 For this tag I made an envelope with the envelope punchboard. And I also stamped it with som flowers in pink and blue.
 In the envelop it´s two cards to write on.
 The fourth month, I saw this pl card and I thought this would be perfect for a litle minibook.

 And here is the litle minibook opend.

And here is the tag for this month.


tisdag 10 juni 2014

Project 1

I have made a chocolate card to a friend of mine. We work together and she is going on here vaccation tomorrow and we will not see eatch until august. So to wish her a nice vaccation I made this to her.

 The pattern paper is from Papirdesign and called Forventning.

I really hop she will like this!!


måndag 9 juni 2014

New challenge!

Okey, so I have made my 30 projects and it was a lot of fun to make everyone. This time I thought I would try to make 50 without buying anything. I have made two orders already but after that I won´t by anything els until I have made 50 things. The only thing I am allowed to by is tejp and glue if I need to.

Tomorrow I will show you project 1 of 50!!


söndag 8 juni 2014

Project 30!!

Sorry that I haven´t been here in a while. I have had this tebox reddy to post on my blog for a while but I have been so sick this past months, but here it is!!

 I found such a lovely paper when I were in Övik in march. And this is what I made.
 I have used the envelope punch board to make all the envelopes.

And then I filled every envelope with a tea bag.


onsdag 7 maj 2014

Project 29

I have made card with a new dies I got. The die is from Die-namics and is called centerpieces framed lovebirds. And I made an enevlope that dosen´t match but the couple that is geting the card dosent care. And I wanted it to be a collorful one.


tisdag 6 maj 2014

Project 28

Here is a box card I made to my hubby for his birthday. I have used papers from G45 both 6*6 and 8*8 paper pads. Good old sport. Very good for maskuline cards and other projects.


måndag 5 maj 2014

Project 27

Here is a vine cover I have made. The pattern paper are from Maja Design. I really love this paper.