måndag 30 november 2015

Project 41

Here are small envelopes and they are filed with a small piec of chocolate.  I have used two different papers to make them.
Here is all of them.

söndag 29 november 2015

Project 40

To hold all of my cards I made card holder by Sam D. I saw this one on Youtube I loved it and it´s so easy to make. Love it. Thank you Sam.

fredag 27 november 2015

Project 38

Here is Another Xmas card I have made. I´m sorry but thers going to be alot of Xmas cards and Xmas Projects. But it´s the season.



torsdag 26 november 2015

Project 37

 Here is Another more traditionl Xmas card, I really love how this turned out. Here is my card.

måndag 16 november 2015

Project 36

Today I wanted to make something other then a card so I found this hexagon box and loved it. Ofcourse I want to make one so here is my first one.

söndag 15 november 2015

Project 35

Here is Another xmas card I made. I found this  shape of an bauble when I was in New York last xmas and I though it would be a great xmas card so here it is.


lördag 14 november 2015

Project 34

I have made a xmas popup card. I found this tutorial on Youtube and liked it so here is my card.


söndag 8 november 2015

lördag 7 november 2015

Project 31

Here is the first christmas card for this season! I have started to make my Xmas card and it is so fun. It feel like it´s been a while sinc I made some cards.