onsdag 18 februari 2015

Project 15

To day I thought I would show you some chocolate cards I have made.I really enjoy doing thees cards.
The papers I have used are from BoBunny, Our Lil' Monster Rawr.
Here is the inside of the card, I have used a Martha Stewart punsch to creat the edge.

lördag 14 februari 2015

Project 14

Today it´s Valentines day, and here are some mini chocolate cards I have made. I am going to give them to some friends and ofcourse my husband.
Here are all of my mini chocolate cards.
The papers I have used are Piondesing, BoBunny and Maja Design. All of hte edges are distressed with distress mini. Inside I haves used Martha Stewart punches on the edges.

torsdag 12 februari 2015

Project 13

I have made a storage for my ink blendingtools. So I now where they are!  The papers I have used are from BoBunny.
 Here are the box
Now I have all of my blendingtools in one storage. I made dividers so that eatch tool got one compartment and if I don´t like that I can always take it away.
Here is a Close up in the corner, I have used a metall embelishment as feets. It works really nice.

onsdag 11 februari 2015

Project 12

Here is a card I made for my brother and his wife on theis aniversery. They have been married for 4 yers. So I say congratulation to you!!
I have made the card clean and simpel.
And here are the inside of my card.

söndag 8 februari 2015

Project 11

I got an order on a chocolate card. I hade some lovely papers from Maja design in my stach so I used that. The papers are from Coffee in the Arbour- Rose garden.
Here is the card. 
I have used my new punch on the edge.  I bhought the punch  in New York and I really love it!!

torsdag 5 februari 2015


I have bought a new storage for my things and I really love it!! Here is a picture on what I have in my new storage.
And as you can see I still have room for more things!! Love it!!

onsdag 4 februari 2015

Project 10

Here is a box I have alterd and in this box I thought I would have all of my left over die cuts. I almost cut out more or I change my minde and don´t use that I just cut out. So instedd of throw it away I thought I would put in a box and use on another project.
Here is the finished box.
I have used a flower punch and a heart punch in the corners.
The box.
Purple washi tejp around the sids on the lid.