fredag 13 juni 2014

Project 2

I have made a babyalbum. It´s not finished yet and it won´t be untill november this year. But this is what I have made so far.

 Here is the cover on the album.
 Here is a charm I have made. The coupel that is geting this album don´t know if it is a boy or a girl so I have used both pink and blue.

I haven´t glued the cover on to the album yet. But here is the first page.
 Every page has a tag so that the couple can write down things every month.
 The first month!
 The tag for month one.
 I have used PL cards to make this album. The "baby" sign is a pl card I cut down to fit the page.
 Here is a tag, also a pl card I just cut down the sayings on the card and made my own.
 Here are the tags for the second month.
 On the backside I glued down so they can write more if the want to.
 The third month.
 For this tag I made an envelope with the envelope punchboard. And I also stamped it with som flowers in pink and blue.
 In the envelop it´s two cards to write on.
 The fourth month, I saw this pl card and I thought this would be perfect for a litle minibook.

 And here is the litle minibook opend.

And here is the tag for this month.


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