torsdag 2 januari 2014

Ribbon storage

I have alot of ribbon and I havent had a god storage for it, this is how I have stored my ribbon, lace and twine before.

 I hade one artbin in 12*12 over so I thougt I could use that to store my ribbon in. I sat down and started to think how I could do this. My hubby came whit this idea mine were salution were a litle more complicated to do but his were so much easier.  And here are my new and improved ribbon storage!!

I made this cards so I could roll the ribbon on to it. I used one paperpad 6*6 Primas Almenac colection.

I really hope you like it. Please share you.r storage for ribbon and lace.


1 kommentar:

  1. Oj vilken ordning...måste fixa min röra också, ser jag... ;o)
    Är det små papp bitar du lindat runt?
    Kram, BI