onsdag 29 maj 2013

Mothers day

On sunday it were mothers day, and ofcours I had made something to my mom. I had mad a card and a box with chocolate. I am verry sattisfide with the result on the box and the card too, but the box is something else.

 Here is my box!
 I have used Lindy´s sprays on the flowers and on the ribbon.
 The paper are from Bildmålarna, here is a link to the papers.
And the paper is called Girls-Girls
 And here is the candyI gave to my mom!

 The card and the stamp is from Bildmålarna,it´s there new set of stamps. Here is a link.
And here I wrote a message to my mom. 


3 kommentarer:

  1. Jätte, jättefin presentpåse! :D Älskar hur du kombinerat färgerna i papper, spets och blommor. Superfint!

  2. Jättefint! Kul att "felköpet" kom till användning.

  3. Läckert och MYCKET snyggt :)
    Den orangea rosen älskade jag...var den sprayad den med?

    Kram Linda