tisdag 9 april 2013

Shopping and goddiebag!

So at the crafting event everyone got a goddiebag and it was a lot of goddies in the bag. Here is a picture of the goddiebag.

In the bag was flowers, a border punch, bling, flower trim and a lot more!
Here is the AWESOME deal I made! I bought all of theese for 300 kr it should have cost 616 kr!! 

 This is something I found that I thought I would use on my box, but I did not.

Some tissue paper from Tim Holtz and some other goddies.

I found the TH feet on seal, so I bought them! 

 And finally some stamps, mod podge, modeling paest and other goddies I bought. And of course a few Timmy stuff!!

I got a little gift from a store. Thank you so much Skaparlusten for the gift!

This is everything I bought! Now I am looking forward to next years crafting event. Next year it is three days instead of two!! Yeahhy!!


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